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I feel so alone; sad and lost.. My life is in shambles...My Emotions are Scrambled.. and my heart is lost 

6 deviants said I dont know what Future I have to live for....

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 20, 2015, 3:17 AM
1: Go to and set it to Generate 1, all regions and all types, no nature.

2: Paste the Pokemon to the corresponding question.

3: Type down your reaction~!

4: No Pokémon repeats.

5: Turn off the "Ubers" option.

6: Post these rules!

Purrloin Purrloin (I stand like this IRL..)

Your Partner In Crime: 
Lotad Lotad (Well; someone has to carry the bags and act like a table... -_-;)

Member 1: ChimcharChimchar (Just Saiyan~)

Member 2: Zoroark Zoroark (looking swish) 

Main Boss: StunkySkunky (well.. that stinks)

Grunt 1: Chinchou Chinchou (what hope do i have?)

Grunt 2: SuicuneSuicune (Apparently some.)

Grunt 3: Delphox Delphox (niiicce!)

Innkeeper: Crustle Crustle (can also act as a seat~)

Boyfriend: KyuremKyurem (RAWWRRR!! Now;.. I dont think ill get a hug... ;-;)

Stalker:  Goomy Goomy (THOSE EYES!! THEY RIVAL DITTO'S!)

Admirer: Phantump Phantump (Hmm.. maaaybe..)

Enemies leader: BuizelBuizel (really? Cool story bro)

Boss 1: GorebyssGorebyss (ahahahahaha! NO!)

Boss 2: Heatran Heatran (The bigger they are; the harder they will fall)

Boss 3: ShinxShinx (insert little simba roar here)

Final boss: MinunMinum (I'm a cat; its a mouse.. need i say more?)

Sempai: Blitzle Blizle (no..)

Defeated by: Dugtrio Dugtrio ( Utterly Ridiculous)

Pokemon who tags others: Nidoking Nidoking 
(Toxic jabs; I can do that~.)

No tags; but if you wish to do it, you can.

  • Mood: Dead
  • Listening to: Thriller (MJ)
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: Jurassic Park 1
  • Playing: Pokemon Omega Ruby
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water

All Time Favourite Pokemon

#006 Charizard by Otto-V#146 Moltres by Otto-V#392 Infernape by Otto-V#663 Talonflame by Otto-V#126 Magmar by Otto-V#668 Pyroar by Otto-V#026 Raichu by Otto-V#310 Manectric by Otto-V#145 Zapdos by Otto-V#253 Grovyle by Otto-V#153 Bayleef by Otto-V#144 Articuno by Otto-V#381 Latios by Otto-V#380 Latias by Otto-V#706 Goodra by Otto-V#643 Reshiram by Otto-V#644 Zekrom by Otto-V#710 Pumpkaboo by Otto-V#093 Haunter by Otto-V#608 Lampent by Otto-V#200 Misdreavus by Otto-V#094 Gengar by Otto-V#477 Dusknoir by Otto-V#720 Hoopa by Otto-V#150 Mewtwo by Otto-V#579 Reuniclus by Otto-V#251 Celebi by Otto-V#383 Groudon by Otto-V#104 Cubone by Otto-V#409 Rampardos by Otto-V#229 Houndoom by Otto-V#697 Tyrantrum by Otto-V#719 Diancie by Otto-V#699 Aurorus by Otto-V#571 Zoroark by Otto-V:t#491 Darkrai by Otto-V#302 Sableye by Otto-V#262 Mightyena by Otto-V#676 Furfrou by Otto-V#507 Herdier by Otto-V#715 Noivern by Otto-V#483 Dialga by Otto-V#448 Lucario by Otto-V#637 Volcarona by Otto-V#123 Scyther by Otto-V


DBZ: Vegeta On Namek by CrimsonVampiress
Character redrawn on cardboard, inked and coloured as you see here then Photographed.

* Please NOTE! This kind of thing takes me a long time to Finnish; please allow some time for completion.
Fakemon Coloured (Traditional)
FakePKMN: Dalaqua by CrimsonVampiress
FakePKMN: Illumar by CrimsonVampiress
FakePKMN: Velvolt by CrimsonVampiress
Fake PKMN: Epilepsea by CrimsonVampiress
Re drawn fakemon, inked and colored.
sketches/ Linearts
Fakemon Sketch: Alluroo by CrimsonVampiress
VK: OC sketch by CrimsonVampiress
Draw this again: Ammit the Devourer by CrimsonVampiress
Deadly Nadder Line art by CrimsonVampiress
Sketch of character (Humans are not my strong point), Inked Traditional/Digital
Fakemon (colored)
Fakemon: Alluroo by CrimsonVampiress
Xmas Fakemon 5+6: Hollion and Tinseal by CrimsonVampiress
Fakemon redrawn, inked, coloured and shaded (with Sai or Sketchbook)

* Please note: I am just starting out with this but am confident in my skills.
Fakemon Sprites (96 X96)
Fakemon Sprite: 'Blooming Pupae Pokemon' by CrimsonVampiress
Koaleaf sprite W/O Background by CrimsonVampiress
Koalypt sprite W/O Background by CrimsonVampiress
Fakemon Sprite: Eukoala by CrimsonVampiress
Fakemon Sprite Sparlkali by CrimsonVampiress
Fakemon Sprite Chemeleaf by CrimsonVampiress
Re drawn, scanned and pixeled. Basic shading and such applied. With or without Dex box

Link to fakemon: 

*Please note: I am still new to these, yet I am getting better.


Laura Connel

Pureblood Vampire
20 years old

Kiniro Barako

Pureblood Vampire
24 years old

Yang Tsuki

Aristocrat Vampire
17 years old

Yin Taiyo

Aristocrat Vampire
17 years old

~RolePlay Friends~




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5:04 pm
Nov 24, 2015
8:52 am
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Nov 24, 2015
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